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[The doctor gesticulates wildly to a box, talking as he presses a phone to his ear.]

Been knocking about, bit of a farewell tour. Things to do. People to see. There's always more. I could invent a new colour, save the Dodo, join the Beatles... Hello! [Someone's answered the phone, he turns and grins as he addresses them] It's me. Get 'im, tell him we're going out and it's all on me except for the money and the driving!

[He pulls the phone away from his ear and gives the box a defiant stare. He might be fairly certain this is going to happen whether he likes it or not but like HELL is he going down without a fight]

I have got a time machine, Dorian. It's all still going on for me. It never stops. Liz the First is still waiting in a glade to elope with me. I could help Rose Tyler with her homework. I could go on all Jack's stag parties in one night.

[A voice comes from within the box, admonishing the Doctor] Time catches up with us all, Doctor.

Well it has never laid a glove on me! [Like a switch has been flipped his tone changes as he smiles cheerfully at the phone and addresses the woman trying to get his attention. As she speaks his smile fades - the reality of time finally catching up with him. He stammers] Yeah he... aah... Yes. Yes.

Doctor? What's wrong?

[Everything. Everything is wrong, yet nothing at all. Time marches on, so he keeps telling people. He just wasn't ready to accept that it marched on for HIM. The Brig had always been one constant through his life, since his younger years exiled with UNIT on Earth. He'd visited him often through the centuries... though not often enough it would seem. The gravity of the news hits him and all he can do is shake his head and look at the phone in his hand as if unsure how it even got there in the first place.]

What? Ah, nothing. Nothing... Just...

[His voice fades as he gently returns the phone to the cradle in the console. Dorian was right. He couldn't run anymore. As frightened he was that his plan wouldn't work... as fearful he was about facing down death at the hands of the woman he loved... it had to happen. He takes a breath, letting it out in a rush. One hand slips into the pocket of his coat and pulls out three blue envelopes, yet to be addressed and sealed. So it's finally come to this, then. Everything had finally fallen into place whether he liked it or not. He wasn't ready... oh he most certainly was not ready. But he'd run out of time...]
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"Hullo, this is the Doctor.

Of course you should know who you're calling unless you've somehow dialed this number by mistake in which case I should really check my settings because that shouldn't be possible and--


((placeholder until I put something nicer looking together.))


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